Dog Treats from China Poisoning our Pets

In a recent article on Pet Pardons news, at, there have been over 400 reports of pets being poisoned after eating treats made in China just in the last few weeks.  This isnot the first time this has happened.

Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown is calling on the FDA to investigate tainted dog treats.

Read the label on your dog’s treats, if they are made in China – do NOT feed them to your pet.  

If you feel strongly, contact your local congressmen and senators to lobby for import restrictions.  Some of you may recall that baby formula from China was tainted as well.  When will the USA apply stronger sanctions on China’s products??


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4 thoughts on “Dog Treats from China Poisoning our Pets

  1. Do a Google search for “American Made Pet Treats”. There are many other choices. Yes, the treats from China are always the least expensive, but at what real cost? We are losing our loved ones. If you feel you need to provide chicken treats, please buy American Made. It’s worth the extra cost. My neighbor was one of the first to lose their 5 month old puppy to the treats from China (about 3 years ago) and I don’t think I’ll ever completely get over it. Just heartbreaking.

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